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THE ROSES hydrolat

THE ROSES hydrolat

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moroccan rose + bulgarian rose alba + rock rose

 witch hazel + rose floral water

Skin Concerns: mature, normal to dry, sensitive, devitalized, tonic, beneficial for all skin types.

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: Organic Ecocert floral water, a humectant of rose adds and retains moisture. Combined with rock rose creates an anti-wrinkle treatment. Balancing effects on the endocrine system to help regulate hormones.

+ Rose Hydrolat aroma of fresh roses, sublime and complex. Rose is cooling and mildly astringent, perfect to combat environmental + chemical sensitivities. Combined with rock rose makes for an excellent anti­-wrinkle combination.

+ Moroccan Rose in skin care it is an excellent emollient, softening and hydrating properties. Also applies a tonic effect which works well on broken capillaries, redness, and skin inflammation.

+ Rose Alba well known in skin care for its abilities to add moisture to mature, sensitive and devitalized skin.

+ Rock Rose works well in combating acne and oily skin. It also works well with mature skin combatting wrinkles.

+ Witch Hazel a powerful astringent effect it is possibly the strongest antioxidant hydrosol. Topical application reduces redness, swelling and is extremely good for soothing eczema. Powerfully antioxidant considered one of the most important anti-aging substances.

Energetics: Heart opener, mood enhancer, love and emotional healing. Alleviating anxiety, cooling. Aids in meditation, a soothing scent. Balancing effects on the endocrine system to help regulate hormones.

What’s In It?*cistus labdanum(rock rose)hydrolat, *rosa damascena(rose)hydrolat, *hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel extract), *rosa alba(rose alba)hydrolat, *cistus ladaniferus(rock rose)  made with ecocert hydrosols

NON-GMO Certified *denotes organic +sustainably wild harvested

Use: Can be combined with face serums to assist in blending. Use throughout day + night to calm the nervous system, perfume the body + hydrate skin.


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